Don't let your electricity or gas supply become one of the things that hold you up.

When moving premises, business owners are in the rare position to end their current business energy contract early. If you are on a typical meter (not a half hourly meter) then there will not be a penalty, it is classed as a change of tenancy and the contract becomes null and void. You just need to pay for the energy you use up to the day you leave.

It’s always recommended that you take this opportunity to run a business energy comparison to see if you can secure a better package for your new location.

 Mistakes to avoid

We will get around to sorting the energy supply once we have moved in. 


Sorting the energy supply out prior to moving in will ensure that from day one you have an agreed contract price in place, we would establish the move date so not to start any contract until needed.


From the day you move in, the new building supplier will be charging your business out of contract rates if no actions are taken. These are extremely costly and can be up to 80% more than the standard in contract rates. The supplier will not chase you to renew any contracts as they are often happier to take the higher payments from you until you question them. Businesses who leave their contracts until after they move can forget to renew as with any move there are many priorities that can take over leaving you exposed to thousands of pounds lost in higher energy charges.