Independent and impartial.

We go to the marketplace and present offers in a fair and transparent way. Offering a range of options which will keep energy supply costs to a minimum and also reduce the hassle associated with negotiating multiple contracts

The cost of large business electricity has increased rapidly over several years, which poses significant challenges and budget resources for large businesses that require a lot of energy to perform at their best. 

For many large businesses energy bills can be a substantial and on going cost, particularly if you are an office based business or manufacturer. The procurement of electricity for large businesses has become an increasingly important aspect of reducing your energy costs this is why we offer;

Co-Terminus Contracts – If you have multiple gas and electricity meter contracts we can offer one supplier, one common contract end date, and reduce the heavy administration time and cost often associated with such tenders.

Fixed Pricing – We can ensure that the group pricing on offer is fully fixed for your business and stays fixed for the full term of the agreement.

Flexible Energy Tenders – The Energy market is constantly changing and wholesale pricing can change throughout the day on a daily basis making it extremely difficult to understand when to negotiate contracts. Using flexible Energy purchasing options, we can help our clients to purchase their Energy services and make the most of any potential cost-reductions in the wholesale market.

We are commissioned by our Energy supply partners for businesses we acquire and retain, we do not charge any of our customers for the work we do, this means you benefit from FREE and unbiased advice. Additionally, you also benefit from 100% of the savings that we offer.  

Energy Management


An industry-leading energy management platform provides unlimited energy reporting and secure data storage and management.

  • Carbon reporting – for large (>6GW) energy users required to comply with the government Carbon Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC).

  • Flexible contract management – We are able to arrange and monitors flexible energy contracts for larger energy users requiring specialist advice.

  • Budget establishment and reporting – track performance and take corrective action.

  • Tenant billing – generate VAT invoices for premises occupied by third parties, and recover costs from common areas.

  • Data collection and management – automatically collect and analyse AMR data to track energy performance.

  • Energy audits and bench marking – perform detailed, retrospective audits to recover historical overcharges.